Ep. 68 – BB – Earth Mover & Joyride

It’s a giant-sized special edition on this week’s DCAU Review as the Good Brothers cover two episodes of Batman Beyond. First up is the sci-fi thriller entitled “Earth Mover” which finds the brothers struggling to understand just how the main villain survived all these years, what exactly his plan was and why the debut of the Bat-Sub was so disappointing. In act two of our show, the guys discuss “Joyride”, a Jokerz-centric tale about a what happens when a government weapon falls into the hands of a common street gang. The guys discuss just how many Jokerz members there are, why Batman ends up looking like more of a clown than them, and there’s even a return of the disagreement alarm! Plus the guys give full scorecards for each episode and preview next week’s episode!

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