Ep. 70 – BB – Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker


It’s an exciting, landmark 70th episode as Cal & Liam cover what is widely considered one of the greatest Batman stories ever told, in Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. The Good Brothers talk the new look and more maniacally evil version of the Joker, the DCAU’s first foray into the digital animation era, the disturbing flashback scene and the fantastic performances from an all-star voice cast. The hosts also discuss a unique parallel from the very first episode of Batman Beyond and where they rank this movie against other Dark Knight films. Plus a historic first for the podcast all on this week’s all-new DCAU Review!

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Ep. 19 – STAS/TNBA – World’s Finest

As last week’s crossover episode alluded to, the good brothers detail a very special crossover event in this week’s episode of the DCAU Review. As promised, episode 19 covers “World’s Finest”, aka the first official Batman/Superman interaction in the DCAU. On this week’s episode, the fellas talk the voice acting “Dream Team” assembled for this episode, some inconsistent and rather infuriating animation, how this episode still holds up under the pressure of nostalgia, plus the introduction of THREE new sound effects! All of this and your weekly episode scorecard!
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