Bonus Ep. 2 – Ten Favorite DCAU Toys


To celebrate the start of the Holiday season, Cal & Liam are bringing you a special gift in the form of their second BONUS episode ever, and this one is set to bring back a whole bunch of nostalgic feelings. The Good Brothers are talking about their top ten favorite toys from the DCAU on this extended episode. From the early Kenner Batman: The Animated Series figures to the Superman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures toys of the mid to late nineties, all the way up through Hasbro’s Batman Beyond and Mattel’s Justice League and Justice League Unlimited figures, the hosts run the gamut of DCAU collecting, including some surprises and deep cuts while discussing why these particular toys mean so much to them.  So sit back, make yourself another plate of Thanksgiving leftovers and relive your childhood on this week’s bonus episode of the DCAU Review!

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Ep. 47 – JL – Justice League vs The Fatal Five

It’s finally here! Episode 47 of the DCAU Review has the Good Brothers discussing the newly released feature-length movie from WB Animation, Justice League vs The Fatal Five. Get a full review from Cal and The DCAU Review Twitter Guru, including plot break down, discussion of thoughts going into the viewing and after. Plus Liam floats a potential connection to Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker, lots of discussion of the Hall of Justice Museum scene, the surprise cameos from a few DCAU favorites and how this movie compares with other DCAU entries. Plus a complete scorecard and much more!
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